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For old school audiophiles - True Multibit, R2R, NOS D/A Converter!

No SDM, no DSD, no USB, only SPDIF/Toslink - only hardcore!

Loony can produce up to 5Vrms output signal from Coaxial and Toslink Inputs. at the sample rates from 44.1 to 192kHz.

Of course, due to its nature, Loony cannot have -120dB THD and -130dB SNR, but Loony is what we called "Three Zero Device", which means that it's THD and IMD have tree zeros (i.e.less then 0.0009%).

Three front panel LEDs indicates the current input ant the "mute state" (if there is no input signal).

3 position switch at the left control the current input and OFF state and potenciometer at the right change the R2R matrix reference voltage.

It control the maximum output voltage, which in it's right position is 5Vrms @ 0dBFS.

It can be used as a volume control, but it is advised to keep it at maximum, if your amplifier have it's own volume control and not afraid of the 5Vrms input signal.

And it is so small - 130x110x40mm.!!!

There a lot of people, who still loves the sound of R2R Multibit DACs.

So we decide to make the present for those loonies - "Looney DAC":