Yes, yes - I know that R.L. Stevenson wrote this name as "Dr. JEKYLE", but....

This is Dr. JKILL, that means "Jitter Killer".

100% jitter elimination from your SPDIF/TOSLINK audio source.

Connect JKill to Your DAC with I2S Input and system clock, and the jitter will depend only of how your clock is good!

So, with JKill - we will cook the signal for you, all other sound quality aspects are in Your hands: use good DAC, use good clock, use good amplifier, use good loudspeakers, ohh - and don't forget to prepare you Listening Room!

Including Wife Approval Factor (WAF), of course :)

 Dr. JKILL Full


What is the Jitter and why it should be elliminated? Read the article.

FIFO based device is intended to use with CD/DVD/Media-players, equipped with coaxial SPDIF or optical TOSLINK outputs, providing bitperfect signal, without any influence, any rework or upgrade of these devices.

You need just a high quality double frequency clock generator (512*Fs or 1024*Fs).

Main features:

  You can use Front panel with:

The production of the full version was cancelled because of a small demand (due to high price and complexity - most of people wants it without TFT display, remote control, volume control and other features)), so the Lite version was developed, which have a great success.

 Dr JKILL Lite


  Simplified Dr. JKILL version with SPDIF/TOSLINK Input

 Dr. JKill Lite 3

Special version to operate with conjunction with xV USB Interface.

 Dr. JKill Lite 3-10S

Special version for ATDAC-10S

Dr. JKill Lite Ver 4

Special version for ATDAC-19SX

 Dr. JKill Lite 3 Special

Special Version for ATDAC-10S

 See descriptions, technical documents, firmware upgrades at download page, prices - at the shop page.

Please, read the ERRATA document!