Optional case with the volume control:


Module ROHM:

Module AKM and AKM05:

Module AD:


If you buy a new car, you may select benzine/diesel/hybrid/electro, engine's power, and other options of the same model. Why not to provide the same for the DAC customers? If we are looking for the different DACS, we can see a lot of similar parts - the case, the power supply, indication and control, input interface, input/output connectors, etc.

Based on this idea, the ATDAC-11 DAC was designed - one case, with a "motherboard" consisting of a power supply, a control gear, an input interface, a headphone amplifier and other "universal parts". And the DAC itself is in the form of a separate module, which can be selected by the customer.

Currently we have the following DAC modules:

  • AD1862 (R2R, with AK4137 ASRC and PCM2DSD converter)

  • Rohm BD34301EKV

  • Rohm BD34352EKV

  • AK4490

  • AK4493

  • AK4495

For AK90XX versions ATDAC11 might be ordered with the digital volume control (and different front panel).

Built-in headphone amplifier (based on TI's OP1622 chip) have the separate analogue volume control.

Inputs: USB (UAC2), Coaxial and Optical SPDIF.

The USB transport is made on an XMOS processor and is galvanically isolated from the rest of the device.

SPDIF receiver is based on DIX9211 with optical (toslink) and transformer coupled coaxial input.

USB receiver is powered by USB bus. Two low jitter Audio Clocks are provided, It also feeds the clock frequency to the USB-transport and SPDIF receiver.

ATDAC-11 utilize high quality connectors from Cliff (UK) and Switchcraft (USA).

Supported formats:

  • SPDIF (Coaxial and Optical) inputs: PCM 44.1/16 - 192/24

  • USB input:
    PCM - 44.1/16 - 384/32,
    DSD DoP - x64 / x128,
    • DSD Native - x64 / x128 / x256.

Disclaimer: the stability 192/24 operation from the optical input strongly depends on the quality of the optical cable and the sound source output, and is not 100% guaranteed!

Output (RCA) voltage (0dBFS) - 2.5-3 Vrms (depends of a module).

Hedphone amplifier output voltage (max. volume, 0dBFs) - TBD

Minimum headphone impedance - 32 Ohm.

Power supply: 230VAC

Input / output connectors: USB-B, TOSLINK, RCA.

Size: 145x160x60 mm.

Model naming:

  • Model R0/R5 - with Rohm DAC BD34301, BD34352.

  • Model A0/A3/A5 - with AK4490, 93, 95

  • Model AD - with AD1862

You can save money and order a DIY kit without the case/

Also of your choice - without LED indication PCB, without transformers, without output RCA (for embedded version), etc.