Here you can find the descriptions, users manuals, supporting files (as schematics, BOM, firmware upgrades, etc.). Also some articles are available.


Album Player - recommended - Album Player (Win/Linux/Raspberry-Pi/etc).

dsd_ch_check.rar - DSD Channel check

dsd6ch1khz.rar - 6-Channel DSD Test Files

bits_in_time.pdf - Article about the Jitter (ENG)

bits_in_time_rh413_4244v1.pdf - статья из журнала "РадиоХобби" (RadioHobby magazine article) , #4/2013.


Olivine-2 Firmware Update (update process may not work under MacOS/Linux!)


JKGEN-2 User Manual (ENG)

JKGEN-2 User Manual (RUS)

JKGEN-2 Remote Control Commands (ENG)

JKGEN-2 I2S Connector (ENG)

UM_JKGEN_RUS - Generator JKG 384-12, User Manual. (RUS)

UM_JKGEN_ENG.pdf - Generator JKG 384-12, User Manual. (ENG)

jkg_version.txt - JKG 384-12 Firmware Version History


JKILL_DESCR_1_4eng.pdf - JKILL Description, v1.4 (ENG)

JKILL_DESCR_1_3.pdf - Dr. JKILL, Description (RUS). Ver. 1.3

JKILL LIGHT_ENG.pdf - JKill Light Description, ENG.

JKILL LIGHT.pdf - JKill Light Description, RUS.

jkg3_4_11b.rar - JKGEN Firmware V3_4_11b 15 Nov 2014.