MM Phono



2 stages OP based MM phono preamp with the passive RIAA Equalisation is is offered in two versions:

  • External - as a standalone device (for general users)

  • Internal - for installation inside a turntable (for DIY)

External version is 106x106x55mm, with input, output and mains connectors at the back panel. Only the "power on" LED is located on the front panel. There is no power switch, because the power consumption is very low. To avoid transient "pops and clicks" during the power on/off, output is shorted by timer controlled relay. Turntable ground connection is also provided at the back panel.

Internal version is the same design, but without the case, front panel, and a little bit different back panel.

This version also has two options:

  • Non-Split - all electronics located all electronics are located on a single (main) board, to which the wires from the tonearm head are connected.

  • Split - the first stage is located on a small separate board, connected with the main board with the cable. This first stage can be installed near the tonearm pedestal or even in the tonearm itself, in the headshell, due to it's size - 13x12x3.5mm. The goal is to shorten the input cables.

Output is shorted by relay, as in the external version, but the internal one have the option to control this relay from the tonearm up/down switch.