Pre-Amplifier / HeadAmp                  DISCONTINUED     Second Version - WaVega-2


 Hi-End pre amplifier to switch input channels, output buffering, volume control and headphones amplifier.

 Special topology used for the input switch by relays, where the active input signal DOES NOT PASS THROUGH the relay's contacts!

All relay's contacts is this channel are open.

Motorized potentiometer - IS NOT at the signal pass, it is used for manual operation and indication only.

2 outputs to connect 2 amplifiers (amplifier+sub)

Due to the normal and inverted outputs, it is possible to use as balanced output.

Headphones output at the front panel.

Remember the Last Input selection.

Remember the Last Volume Control position for each input separately.

Restore  potentiometer position after power up, exit from standby or input change.

Clear ans simple input position ans standby indication.


Main features:

 Technical Characteristics:

   1 - at nominal input voltage and maximum volume position

   2 - at 32 Ohm load.

   3 - factory switch (inside).

  Control Operation: