This is a second generation (2019) of our JKGEN - special signal generator for digital audio (2013).

The main goal was to add more features and possibilities, without significant increasing the price. That is why we do not make the expensive custom metal case, as in the 1st version. We use one of the standard plastic case, which is much cheaper.

We are also decide to put the maximum features in the hardware, even if not all of them will be used now. Because of a very easy firmware upgrade procedure, this can be done later.

Target application: DAC and other digital and analogue audio system production tests, research, development, debug and repair.

Low Frequency Digital Audio Signal Generator

 New in the 2nd generation:

* - in the later firmware versions.

For more detailed explanation - see the  User Manual.

Year 2023 addition: due to a lack of some components (AKM, STM), JKGEN-2 will be discontinued in the near future. The new model JKGEN-3 is under development now.