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WaVega2 Internal - DIY Version

Brief Description:

This is a “spin-off” from the WaVega and WaVega2 projects, which is intended for DIY.  It can be used for embedding into your own products, such as amplifiers or stand alone pre amplifier.

WaVega2 Internal retains the main advantages of WaVega:

For flexibility, the DIY version adds a lot of new features compared to the original versions.


Full Description - TBD

We offer assembled boards as well as PCB kits in various combinations:

* With Muses module: +$15

Also you can order PCBs by youself.

Documentation and Production Files  - TBD

Volume control module and  balanced input (BAL_INP)

Various Volume Control Modules:

Encoder, Input indication with switch and IR remote receiver

Encoder with  "LED BAR" indication

Input indication and Motorized Potenciometer control

TFT Display indication

List of the Icons for the TFT indication

LITE Version

Also simplified version, just  Voltage Control Modules and small control unit, without the  input switch.

Configuration Software:

WaVega2Int has very easy firmware update and configuration via USB port.  

We provide Windows software for configuration.

No special software is required to update the firmware.


The main contribution comes from the 2nd harmonic, which at this level (~ -125dB) is completely inaudible.