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    Multi Channel  PCM/DSD DAC with analogue volume control.

  • 3x AKM4493 Premium DAC DAC with VELVET SOUND technology
  • USB UAC-2 operation.
  • 6ch PCM 44.1-384 kHz. 
  • 6ch DSD64, DSD128.
  • Analogue volume control (0..-60dB) with MDAC technology
  • Sample rate, Digiital filter and Volume indication.
  • Front panel with Touch Control.
  • Infra Red Remote Control.
  • Digital filter switch (from RC or  front panel), separately for each input sample rate.
  • Dry contact output (transistor optocoupler)  for amplifier control.
  • User friendly firmware upgrade and configuration settings (USB).
  • Additional DB9 connector with all 6ch outputs.
  • Size: 250x180x70mm
  • Power Consumption: 10W in operation, <1W in sleep mode.