JKGEN 384-12             

 Low Frequency Digital Audio Generator

Digital function generator with SPDIF, TOSLINK, DSD and I2S outputs.

You want to test Your DAC ot other digital audio equipment?
You don't want to use computer, due to a noise, ground loops, space?
You need the mains or the battery operated device?

JKGEN - is for you!
               Dr. JKILL                 
 Jitter Killer

100% jitter elimination from your SPDIF/TOSLINK audio source.
Connect JKill to Your DAC with I2S Input and system clock, and the jitter will depend only of how your clock is good!
So, with JKill - we will cook the signal for you, all other sound quality aspects are in Your hands: use good DAC, use good clock, use good amplifier, use good loudspeakers, ohh - and don't forget to prepare you Listening Room!
Including Wife Approval Factor (WAF), of course :)
         OLIVIN ADC                  

USB ADC For Measurement

2CH 96/24 USB (UAC1) operation @-145 dBFS Noise Floor!