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Summer 2020 WARNING!

Last time we faced a drop sample problem with some computers. It can be seen in spectrum analyzer as a higher level,  or (with small  FFT points quantity) - jumping up-down.
This phenomena occurs as on new as on old PC, without any correlation!
And is independent from the Windows type - we tested Win 7/32, Win 7/64 and Win 10/64 on different hardware.

We found solution, so we can continue to manufacture Olivine-2.
Solution is here.

Isolated USB Analog To Digital Converter

For measurement and audio input.

Main features:
  • 2 channels, 96/24 digitizing
  • Full galvanic isolation between USB digital part and ADC part.
  • Better then -135 dBFS Noise Floor
  • Better then -110 dBFS 2nd/3rd harmonics @0 dBFS signal.
  • Better then -135 dBFS 2nd/3rd harmonics @-20 dBFS signal.
  • UAC1 operation (not need driver  for Windows) with firmware upgrade.
  • No external power supply need (USB-Powered).
  • Input level control potentiometer added.
  • 0.5Vrms Full Scale (max., with potentiometer at right position)*
  • Power and Overload LED indication.
  • Small 120x75x30mm case (Depth-Width-Height).


  * - changes since April 2019: Full Scale increased to 0.8Vrms, input is DC-coupled.

Olivine-2 Measurements