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Pre-Amplifier / HeadAmp                  DISCONTINUED

 Technical Characteristics:

 Nominal Input Voltage    
 Maximum Input Voltage
 Input Impedance
 Maximum Volume Attenuation
 Signal To Noise1
  > 120dB
 THD at 1kHz1   0.00015%
 Channel-to-Channel Isolation at 1kHz/10kHz
  > 100 dB
 Nonactive-toActive Input isolation 1kHz/10kHz  > 120 dB
 Output-1 Gain 1     1
 Output-2 Gain 1    -1
 Output Impedance
   20 Ohm
 Headphone Amplifier Gain 1     2
 Maximum Headphone Amplifier Voltage2
 Mains Voltage3
 115/230V 50/60Hz
 Size  250x180x70mm
 Power Consumption normal/standby

   1 - at nominal input voltage and maximum volume position
   2 - at 32 Ohm load.
   3 - factory switch (inside).


 Hi-End pre amplifier to switch input channels, output buffering, volume control and headphones amplifier.

 Special topology used for the input switch by relays, where the active input signal DOES NOT PASS THROUGH the relay's contacts!
All relay's contacts is this channel are open.
Motorized potentiometer - IS NOT at the signal pass, it is used for manual operation and indication only.

2 outputs to connect 2 amplifiers (amplifier+sub)
Due to the normal and inverted outputs, it is possible to use as balanced output.
Headphones output at the front panel.

Remember the Last Input selection.
Remember the Last Volume Control position for each input separately.
Restore  potentiometer position after power up, exit from standby or input change.
Clear ans simple input position ans standby indication.


Main features:

  • 4 input channels with EMC and ESD protection
  • 1 of 4 input with DC cancellation or Phono Stage (option)
  • 2 pairs of buffered  outputs, one is inverted
  • MDAC Volume Control
  • Motorized potentiometer  for manual Volume Control and volume position indication
  • InfraRED Remote Control
  • Unity Gain at Max. position of Volume Control
  • Automatic standby if there is no input signal
  • High Quality small signals relays to input switch and output mute
  • Dry contact to control other equipment power
  • Easy configuration and Firmware upgrade through USB port.

  Control Operation: