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This is a deep modification of the ATDAC-10B, but because the topology remains the same - we keep the model number "10".
In full version ATDAC-10S  uses xV USB interface and JKill Lite-3 SPDIF/TOSLINK interface with jitter suppression.

ATDAC-10S presents in 3 versions:
  • ATDAC-10S - based on AK4490 (as ATDAC-10B)
  • ATDAC-10S3 - based on AK4493
  • ATDAC-10S7 - based on AK4497

New in 10S:
  • additional analog input
  • remote control (RC)
  • new front panel with indication of sample rate, PCM/DSD, Input also with the sensor buttons
  • digital filter switch (from RC or  front panel), separate for each input sample rate
  • digital volume control (from RC)
  • dry contact output (transistor optocoupler)  for amplifier control
  • user friendly firmware upgrade  and configuration settings

There are some additional options which are absent in the base version:
  • analog volume control (from RC)
  • balanced output (XLR)
  • headphone output with the separate amplifier

 ATDAC-10S proposed  as:

  • OEM PCB (DAC PCB only)
  • OEM  USB Kit (including  USB interface, Power Supply, transformer, mains filter, front panel control PCB) on the chassis with back panel
  • OEM Full Kit - including OEN USB Kit + SPDIF/TOSLINK
  • Final device - in case.