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Built with the latest Asahi KASEI chips, ATDAC-10 is presented in two versions:
  1. Version A:  AK4414, 4 channel chip in "double mono" configuration.
    • 32bit, 44.1-384kHz PCM, DSD64, DSD128
  2. Version B: AK4490 in the regular configuration.
    • 32 bit, 44.1-384kHz PCM, DSD64, DSD128, DSD256


Main features:

  • Using "Active Drive" (LME49723) at the DAC's reference inputs.
  • Full differential Amplifier (FDA OPA1632) based Low Pass Filter.
  • Thin Film, 0.1% 25ppm Bourns resistors, Sanyo, Nichicon, Elna electrolytic and Wima FKP-2 polypropylene film capacitors.
  • Just Inverted OP used in the "diff2non-diff" output stage.
  • All OP (except the output) used in SE Class A mode (LME49722)
  • Output T-filter.
  • Hardware output mute.
  • 2 clock oscillators, used for 44.1x and 48x domains.
  • 8 different voltage regulator for different device parts, including ultra low noise TPS7A4700 and TPS7A3001.
  • THD=0.0002%, THD+N=0.0002%, SNR=113.6dB @-0.3dBFS 
  • IMD=0.0002%
  • -140-145dBFS Noise Floor.
  • optional sample rate and mode (PCM/DSD) indication.


  1. Version-A is obsolete, abd no more manufactured due to a lack of advantages.
  2. The new versions - ATDAC-10S/10S3/10S7 were presented in Feb. 2018.