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Low cost 8-channel 192kHz/24bit DAC - economy alternative to ATDAC-9.
Based on AsahiKASSEI  AK440 dac chip, provides with xVM USB interface complete and low cost solution for Home Cinema (up to 7.1) or multy-band stereo (4 bands in 2 channeles) and other applications.
  • 2 scales (44.1x/48x) MCLOCK oscillators on board (optionaly oscillator types can be used - double frequency Silicon Labs, general FOX and NDK femto clocks).
  • Interface connector is pin-to-pin compatible with ATDAC-9 and xVM.
  • On board power supply except transformer), required 9-12VAC 0.15A.
    Optional connector for 8-Ch volulme control.
  • Optional special version with sharp/slow roll-off filter swith.
  • Optional place for ADC module (ATD9ADC)