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8-channel 192kHz/24bit DAC is based on two Asahi KASEI  AK4414 dac chips, provides with xVM USB interface complete solution for Home Cinema (up to 7.1) or multi-band stereo (4 bands in 2 channels) and other applications.
  • 8 RCA outputs.
  • 2 scales (44.1x/48x) MCLCK oscillators on board (optionally oscillator types can be used - double frequency Silicon Labs, general FOX and NDK femto clocks).
  • Slave I2S input bus with Master MCLCK.
  • Hardware Mute (with 4 signal relays at the outputs)
  • Interface connector is pin-to-pin compatible with ATDAC-91 and xVM.
  • Microprocessor based control.
  • Sharp/slow roll-off filter switch (with indication).
  • Sample rate indication.
  • Optional digital volume control (with indication).
  • Power supply on additional board with voltage monitor, Schottky diodes full wave rectifiers  with central tap and snubbers. Full set includes EMI mains filter with DC-cut circuit.
  • 8 voltage regulator used in ATDAC-9 and the power supply, including very low noise TPS7A4700 and TPS7A3001.
  • No power switch need - device is going after 20min. to sleep mode when there is no valid input signal and immediately wake up if the signal presents. For a long off period, main switch is provided on the back panel.
  • No cables between ATDAC-9, it's power supply unit and xVM USB interface. The only wires are from the power transformer.
  • Optional connector for 8-Ch volume control.
  • Optional slot for ADC module (ATD9ADC).
  • Optional 10-channel version (additional 2-channel DAC, PCM5102A, into ADC slot). Required xVM-10ch.


With PG4414 Volume Control Board: