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New, 2017 model - ATDAC-8AM

Added the separate phone amplifier (OPA1622) with analogue volume control (pot.)

USB Powered 384kHz/24bit PCM and DSD-256
Galvanic Isolated Audio DAC

Based on XMOS and Asahi KASEI  New Generation Premium "VERITA" AK4490 chip.
Only high quality components used, from the world known companies and reliable suppliers: Xmos, AKM, Silicon Labs, Texas Instrument, Analog Devices, Elna, Nichicon, Murata. Panasonic 0.1% thin film resistors in analogue circuit.

Main features:

  • Up to 384kHz PCM sample rate.
  • Up to x256 DSD sample rate.
  • USB Audio Class II Operation:
    • not required drivers for MacOS, Linux, Android.
    • required driver for Windows
  • Full galvanic isolation from USB source (PC, Tablet, etc.)
  • 2Vrms output.
  • RCA output.
  • Additional 3.5mm jack output for headphones *.
  • Size (case): 100x75x30mm.
  • No need external power supply in most applications **.
  • For special applications, external power supply input with reverse polarity protection provided ***.

* - Phone output is additional, for high quality sound use RCA with external head amplifier. If use Phone output  don't forget to enable the digital volume control in your player.

** - Using with cellular phone or tablet will quickly discharge it's battery, so using external power supply is recommended. Also if you want to use very long (>1.5m) USB cable.
ATDAC-8A power consumption is about 0.55A, which is a little bit more then the regular USB port provides according to the standard. But I never seen USB port, not satisfied ATDAC-8A with it's current, at least with the short (<0.5m)  USB cable.
However, it is better to use USB cable as short as possible. Also do not use very thin USB cables ("Chinese no-name").

*** - External power supply requirements:  5VDC (+0.5, -0.2V), 0.6A at least. 
Pay attention - internal pin in the DC connector is "minus".

Reminder - ATDAC-8A  output is primary dedicated to amplifier connection. If you want to use headphones, use external high quality  headamp. Due to a lack of power which can be consumed from USB, DAC's Phone Output sounds good just at the low volume.

ATDAC-8AM has better performance at headphone output, but as the power is limited - no way to use low impedance (16 Ohm) headphones! Also with high impedance (600 Ohm) headphones and low sensitivity, there may be a lack of volume.
 There is no problem with most 32-250 Ohm headphones.

A new, ATDAC-8AX model is ready. AK4493 instead of AK4490. That's all.
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